About Ekal Human Resource

Who we are?

Ekal Human Resources are a new manpower company in Saudi Arabia that provide services and solutions to individuals and corporate businesses per requirement in various sectors (public and private) and disciplines. The company recruits workforce from abroad to suit the specific requirements of its clients.

The workforce is recruited from countries such as the Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Nepal and more. Ekal Human Resources caters the needs of both individuals and corporate businesses such as hotels and industries, recruiting skilled and unskilled workers in multiple job categories like nannies, housemaids, drivers, specialists in natural remedies, industrial workers, hospitality workers and many other professions.

We strongly focus on enhancing the quality of the local market, implementing efforts that focus on a creative and unique way in applying manpower services.

Why EKAL services?

Ekal Human Resources partners with businesses and individuals to understand their needs. We immediately combine our deep expertise and experience to deliver innovative and helpful solutions to maximize labor. We execute quality, not just say it. Our sophisticated management and approach, delivers the best-in-class services that are supported by all rules and regulations in Saudi Arabia.

Our valuable insights of our manpower contracts maximizes the performance of corporate businesses. We not only make promises, but we actually delivery. Our only focus is delivering visibility and quality in maintaining the workforce that makes your business win.

Advantages of Working with EKAL

Ekal Human Resources offer high quality services for its customers and employees in many areas of Saudi Arabia. Customers that choose our services have low rates of business risks from the loss of human labor. We ensure rights for both the customers and employees. Our human resource specialists handle and coordinate all requests for vacations, medical insurances and residences. We provide the advantage that our services are legitimate from all concerned authorities if we are your contracting company.


To organize highly efficient qualified and distinguished human labor. We offer various positions in many categories which motivate potential employees in applying. Connecting with people that have the right skills directly with our clients in a fast and effective way is one of our main features.

Organize workforce services for individuals and businesses such as hotels and industry. We pledge to focus for the utmost satisfaction for both parties.

Our services offer an important value to the Saudi Arabian community. We focus on achieving to overcome the phenomenon of using illegal labor and lack of efficient skills. With this focus, we plan to make the Saudi labor market with the highest quality in the world.

Aiming to achieve the highest point of satisfaction by applying the necessary tools to help our clients. Excellence is our success story we are keen on providing.

To be the leading manpower services company and mediating in workforce recruitment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. To excel in terms of professionalism in compliance with rules and regulations.

Vision & Mission

EKAL has to become the leader in workforce mediation and recruitment with qualifying skills and ensure services of the highest quality to our clients. Providing the most efficient and effective workforce for a competitive price. Being careful and precise in the selection of workforce, while being aware of all of the rules and regulations.

is to provide a creative and unique approach in the human resources department, developing the appropriate solutions for labor services. We provide qualified human resources to meet the specific requirements of our clients. In addition to our services, we observe the culture, traditions and privacy of the Saudi society as we contribute in respecting and promoting the image of Saudi Arabia on a global international level. By applying international standards of professionalism and work, we ensure quality services to meet the expectations of our clients. In addition, our simplified services offer credibility and integrity to our customers. Our immediately fast, effective services and competitive prices is what sets us aside from our competitors.

Our Values

EKAL Values are a feature we are proud of. Ekal Human Resources adopts high international standards to enhance the market in human resource services in Saudi Arabia. The company has observed and considered the community, customers, employees and human resources to be of the highest class, emphasizing on justice, equality, human rights – in which we are committed to protect. By this, we motivate our employees to apply to work for our company and engage in a professional pursuit to find the job they have the skills for. Our experienced and professional staff of high management believes in the company’s values and goals, and works hard to acquire the best employees and connect them to our highly professional clients in different sectors, private or public. Our company as well as our staff also focuses on other values worth mentioning such as family, honesty, team spirit, community service and compliance with rules and regulations. By believing in our value system and implementing the best procedures for both parties, we adhere a culture of success.

Our Specialty

In the backdrop of huge the constructions and booming oil market in the Middle East, It is the need of the hour to provide the manpower to reach all the goals, which are set for the upcoming years. To fulfill the needs of the manpower (Skilled and Unskilled) to work in the Middle East on different projects, it is important to look from various countries to find the perfect match for each position. We, at Ekal Human Resources, unlike the other competitors in the field are the expert of Human Resources especially in the field of Recruitment and Selection.

To find the experts from all the fields, you need to hire the expert to find those people from all over the world. Ekal Human Resources claims to be the expert in the field of hiring and sourcing because of the following specialties:

The breeding ground of all the manpower, which is required in the Middle East, is usually Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Nepal and Philippines. In order to find the best people from those countries to work in the competitive field of Middle East, scouting of the skilled and unskilled workers is really important. Our Company used to scout the best manpower in those countries before actually getting in touch with them, without them even knowing. Scouting is important because through this process we used to get the knowhow of the expert level of the manpower before the interview process.

In short, we are not like the traditional sourcing or manpower companies, which are working in Saudi Arabia. We entered in the market to make difference in the lives of the human resource and in the company’s development.

Another specialty, which makes Ekal Human Resources better than all the other competitors in the field, is the expertise in the Recruitment and Selection process. We, at Ekal Human Resources, are the experts in the field of Human Resources Management and we select only those people to work for our firm, who already have the experience in the field of sourcing especially from the South East Asian countries, which makes us unique in the field.

Knowhow of the ground realities is also one of our strong area. We hire only those people to work for our organization, who have worked in the countries from which we are calling the workers. This gives them the edge over all the other people who haven’t worked in those countries because they know the ground realities of those countries better and can use their experience to check which people will be better off in working in the Middle East.

Interview and Selection process is the most important factor in sourcing. Our process of getting the Human Resource from these countries is very extensive and we make sure that there are no flaws in the process because if we send one person who is not fit enough for that environment of Saudi Arabia, he might become a liability for our client and that might hamper our repute and also the client’s work.

We work for both the Individual and Corporate needs but our main focus is the corporate customers. We are specially equipped with the sourcing for the corporate customers from different industries like hotels, construction companies and different production industries. Our workforce is highly trained to make sure that the client’s need of getting a skilled or unskilled worker is fulfilled with quality workforce.

One of our specialties is the record keeping of the workers, which we sent to Saudi Arabia. If, for example, we are calling a workforce from India, we make sure that the records of all the workers are complete which includes their IDs, their home address and references from India, their passport copies and make sure that they have clear security clearance, to be 100% sure of the person’s identity and safety. We also keep this clear that the person is comfortable with the documentation and the contracts, which he/she is signing.

As explained earlier, we are a need-based company. We only call the workforce to Saudi Arabia if there is a need unlike other companies which call the workforce and then try to find the work for them, making the demand and supply curve inverse.

  • Head Office – Riyadh
  • Al-Malaz District, Salah ElDen AlAyoubi Street
  • Opposite to National Installment Company
  • Salah Eldin Building (B) 4th Floor.
  • P.O. Box 10133, Riyadh 11433
  • Unified Number: 9200-33-993
  • Fax: +966-11-510-4949
  • info@ekal.sa

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